The Servant is a brand that is created to give you an opportunity to serve God and store up everlasting treasures in Heaven. We aim to equip you with streetwear clothing that conveys God's messages, which you can wear to spark conversations and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our world is in crisis, and as Christ-followers, we are called to be the light and preach the Good News to all creation. Even if you're an introvert, our products are purposely designed to speak God's messages for themselves. Aside from spreading God's truth (in-style), you will also be contributing in helping those in need because the money you spend will go towards our mission in helping the poor around the world.
While we work towards executing mission trips on our own, we want to immediately contribute in serving those who are struggling. Therefore in partnership with CERT International (Christian Emergency Relief Team), we will donate 10% of all profits to help them provide physical and spiritual care to communities in need. CERT International sends teams of physicians and dentists to give care, needed surgery, food and clothing, while also sharing the gospel to the impoverished countries. By purchasing our products, you are contributing in helping the broken and the suffering people around the world.
To learn more about CERT International, click here.